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Originally Posted by dickiedunnwrotethis View Post
Looking to provincials, and from what i saw with last night's game, i think NE wears SK Valley down in a 2 game series with their depth. Playing Draude/Fiala 45+ minutes a game against a team with depth, for me anyway, isn't a recipe for success. Then again, i've had issues with SV coaching philosophies for years now.

As for individual performances, Ingram was hands down the best player on the ice, robbing NE of at least 3 goals. Draude was at times dangerous (especially off the rush), but, like most of the SK Valley fowards, was largely contained. Rothenburger was consistently doing good things and i appreciated the way Fox-Zacharias plays a hard game. On D, Smallchild was solid and Norrish, in very limited minutes, played well.

Hard to pick out any one player amongst the NE forwards given the way they roll 3 lines, but one player that surprised me was Shumlanski. Played hard and created more than his share of good opportunities. Agree with your assessment of Regnier and Gerwing, Regnier especially, who other than some mismatch problems with Draude had a strong game.
Coaching philosophies of SV? Not totally jumping on the SV band wagon but their head coach and his pre-decessor put through a fair number of good players through the Warman program. Like it or not, agree/disagree. I've seen these situations before and sometimes you pick from what's presented to you.... The best of what you got. Sometimes it is the parents who realize their kid is not going to see the ice alot BUT rather than playing tier II they sacrifice common sense for the sake of belonging and wearing a couple of "AA's" on a team jacket. Life is totally not fair and if the player truly wants to be a player, they will take the situation that is presented to them and make the most of it OR get on to a solid tier II program with great coaching and develop for the following season. We get too wound up with AA, AAA, etc, etc. Personally, if the parents understand fair is not equal, then carry on accordingly within reason. Many parents are accepting of this and use the analogy of life is not fair, earn your reward. Just a different opinion, but I do agree there is a limit and 2-3 shifts over the course of a period for example is not acceptable.

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