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01-29-2012, 12:33 AM
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I have had an issue with pain in the bottom of my right foot. Been to the doctors and a specialist. It is just something with my plantar ligament in that foot. Purely a pain issue and if can I deal with it.

I have issues at times with just normal walking so it is not a skate brand issue for me. Yellow super feet in my skates is the next thing I was looking at trying. Has anyone on here used them?

One thing I did learn is how to tape up my foot. I put 4 strips, 2 a side, of waterproof sweat proof tape in an X across my arch and then wrap plain old 1 1/2 inch athletic tape from side to side from my heel base to just below the ball of the underside of my foot. I have very little pain when my foot is taped, even while skating. Just make sure the tape is completely flat and not wrinkled up in any fashion and that you don't go to high and tape over the ball of the foot as that affects the way the skate fits, at least it does for me for me.

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