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11-09-2003, 05:08 AM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
Wasn't that the point of benching him in the third? I'm just really confused about the exact message that was being sent here, especially when Horcoff, who shared the pine, dressed tonight. Also Laraque who's still hurting. Neither have done much of anything this year. And you're sittin there as the team leader thinking: what's goin on here?

As for Salo, I think his major inconsistency and downright shoddy play at times did start last year, some have been on him since, some are just starting, but I think everyone's realizing it. Sad for Tommy, but he's just not cuttin it.
I know you love Hemsky like a fat kid loves twinkies but come on man. Hemsky is a honest kid and he admits when he needs to work on things, look at how much his D had seemingly improved at the beginning of the year. I think he will come out fired up in the next game he dresses.

On to a couple of other things. Hemsky is not the *leader* of this team, he may have the most points but he doesn't lead the team on the ice, and in fact he is more of a perimeter player this year than he was at the end of last year. I'm in no way ripping the kid, just pointing a few things that have gone by without being commented on. Like i said before, i know you and your borther? i guess it is or maybe frirned have a passionate disposition towards young Ales but at times subjectivity is needed.

Furthermore, i'm all for Horcoff seeing the pine...who exactly is going to replace him at C even on the 4th line? Isbister? Hemsky? nope, neither of those guys play C. C is a position we are very thin at, especially with Stoll being Ill, that leaves us with...Smyth,York, Reasoner, Sarno, Horcoff. If Isbister can't go and you bring Hemsky in, then what are you going to do, especially if Reasoner has to sit or rest because of the events tonight? We just don't have the options at this point to bench horcoff...I agree he looks very lame out there, as if his summer weight lifting might have hurt his speed and agility,...if he had any to begin with...Lowetide?

In Addition, Laraque should definitely not have been playing, he was wasting someone's ice-time.

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