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01-29-2012, 01:29 AM
bring on the draft
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Originally Posted by SFKingshomer View Post
I find the last bit hard to believe. Voynov was on the top pairing last year and Hickey wasn't.

Hickey’s appointment to the all-star game, which comes from the coaches and players around the league, speaks to the level of respect the opposition has for him. It’s easy to spot a defenseman putting up big numbers offensively, and something else to recognize a skilled player in his own end of the ice.

“He’s learned to distribute the puck and support the play,” said Monarchs head coach Mark Morris. “And when he’s playing that way he’s very effective at helping us generate offense and is also more reliable defensively.”

DL knew Hickey wasn't as good as Alzner at the time and said he was a 3 or 4 year project but felt his ceiling was too high to pass up.
well i have been following the AHL game for quite some time now and the selections into the AHL allstar game usually are political, well maybe that is the wrong word to use, but some of the players you see are the game are usually teams high draft picks whether they deserve to be there or not.
Morris isnt going to throw his own player under the bus publicly. he hasnt been very good this year. I still maintain hes taken a step back this year from what I have seen. I can get you some more people who go to the Monarch games on a regular basis on the guy and I can just about gaurantee they will back me up. You know who some of em are.
I dont think hes a bust. too early to tell but he defintely has a way to go to be a regular NHL defenseman. Was he taken to high? probably. but hes not ready for the NHL.

Originally Posted by Asheru View Post
Mindreading plus a conspiracy theory. Nice.
You cant tell by a players body language that he didnt want to compete and do his job? I am only going by what I saw that night. He looked like a lost puppy dog that night that acted like he didnt want to compete. It has nothing to do with "mindreading"
As far as my comments about the AHL AS game selection process I already explained myself. This isnt about Hickey going to the game this year. This has been going on for awhile now and before you ask I have been watching AHL hockey for over a dozen years. I have seen this before.

It just boggles my mind that some people get all riled up when they get negative first hand accounts of prospects on their team. Some want to believe the media driven comments by the local media here(Manchester Union Leader for example) who toe the company line and let you hear what you want to hear or read.
I have been a fan of the Monarchs since day 1. I want to see them do well and have no problem giving my opinion of any player. good or bad. granted this is a bit of a down year for me in attending the games due to my work schedule but I have seen quite bit of some of the kids that have gone thu the LA pipeline.

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