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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I suppose you could do the same thing with a heat gun too. Would be best to take out the liner. Might weaken the structure a bit if you heat too quickly or too much though. Probably would be fine for rec league I'm sure. Good idea.
I wouldn't do it with a heat gun. It would be too hard to control the bending of it and probably melt in spots or bend too far. Do it like this... Get a big enough tub that you can submerge your shins in it. And start a big pot of water boiling (I used two big pots of water it'll depend on how big of a tub you have). Take out any removable liners (you can leave in the one that's sewn on) and put your shins on and duct tape them all the way around the shins, snug to your legs in 3 spots down the length of the shin. Mark where the tape overlaps with itself, undo the tape a bit and take the shins off, then cinch back the tape where your marks were. Submerse them in the hot water, which will be just under boiling when you put it in the tub, and then just let them stay there until the water is room temp or overnight or whatever. I did this with my CCM Fit05 shins a year ago.

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