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Originally Posted by SensGal View Post
Ok, so I posted stuff in the lounge then someone pointed out that I was being a dumb blonde for doing so, and should have posted here! Yes, this is a much better place!

So a group of girls and I are planning a road trip down to NYC (in april), and were wondering a few things.

1) Good places to stay (hotels and area's that are best to stay in)
2) Good places to eat/drink/clubs
3) Good places to see (we won't be able to see everything, so what are top things to see, and some places that may be great to see, that I wouldn't think of).
4) Also, any advice on parking and costs? As we will be driving down, just looking for ball park costs -- not planning on actually doing any driving while there).

Any advice would be MUCH appreciated! Us nurses need a break after a year of crap at work!
For hotels, it's almost always reasonably cheaper to stay anywhere but Manhattan. However, for 1st-timers I always suggest that you stay in Manhattan; preferrably somewhere in Midtown. It's easiest to navigate/understand the layout of the city that way.

Also, as ultimately uncool as it will eventually be...I do recommend that new visitors walk through Times Square as one of their first stops even if they only do it once.

It's a tourist trap, and it's heavily crowded. But day and night, for better or worse, it gives one the idea of the pulse/vibe/energy of New York. And the 'hood has some of the best access to the subway in the city.

Just don't buy anything in the area. Please.

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