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About Yourself
Name: Kevin
Age: 31
Location: Birmingham, AL
Origin of Screen Name: You'd have to be a mod to get it....

Hockey Background
Years Playing: Played for 9 years
Current Team: None
Current League: None
Highest Level Played: Adult beer League, although we had ECHL/College players in the league
Current Level: None. Knee and ankle problems made me quit, but I'm getting back into shape to start playing again
Position: Goaltender/Defense
Type of Player: I might be the last of the Stand Up goalies....
Player You Emulate: Nobody really. I just play my game.

Current Gear
Helmet: Nxi
Shoulders: Heaton
Elbows: Heaton
Shins: Tour leg pads
Gloves: Hespeler (Yeah, they're old)
Skates: Mission (They're old
Stick: TPS

Hobbies: Music production, meteorology, travel
Movies: I don't really see many movies
Music: Not much i don't like, aside from modern country
TV: Ax men, Full Throttle Saloon, Regular Show
Food: Sushi, Barbecue
Drinks: Guinness & Bourbon!
Hockey Team: Was the Thrashers...Now it's the Preds
Hockey Player: Ron Hextall

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