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01-29-2012, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by jBuds View Post
Why, though? You can't light a fire under a coaches ass with threats like you can the players. If the management/coach knew they were under fire, they'd probably be much more foolish with regards to what's best for the future of the organization.

The players, however, can and should be subject to that "worry" that - if they don't perform - they will be dealt.

Problem is, that hasn't happened in the past, and is one of the main reasons we're where we are right now: complacency.
That could apply to Regier, but not so much to Ruff. The only thing he could really do is quit.

As for Regier, Black has already stated they're willing to deal players from the core if it means making the team better, so Regier is obviously free to make trades if he needs to. How can we be sure that he doesn't panic and make a stupid move even without being under pressure? He has to be feeling the heat even without Black or Pegula talking about the front office directly, so there's a chance he makes a stupid move either way.

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