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01-29-2012, 12:47 PM
Auston Marlander
I was in the pool!!
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About Yourself
Name: Justin
Age: 27
Location: Toronto
Origin of Screen Name: Big leafs fan

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 22
Current Team: N/A Injury
Current League: N/A Injury
Highest Level Played: College hockey
Current Level: N/A Injury
Position: Center (but can really be moved anywhere, depends on where I am needed)
Type of Player: Gritty, great passing, pretty good shot, mid level in speed
Player You Emulate: Growing up - Tucker, now Not sure

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 5500
Shoulders: N/A (I have old coopers I wear in leagues that require it)
Elbows: Bauer 3500 Softies
Shins: Bauer (mid level, nto sure the model)
Gloves: Vapor XV
Skates: Easton Synergy 1500 (will keep these as long as I can, Love the hell out of them)
Stick: One100, 7k sic kick

Hobbies: Hockey, Snowboarding, Golf, Gym, Travel
Movies: Inception, Dark Knight, Lion King (so what, haha), Wedding Crashers, to many others to name
Music: Pretty much everything
TV: How I met your mother, HNIC, Game of Thrones
Food: Sushi, Pizza, Steak, pretty much all meats
Drinks: Forty Creek, Crown, Guinness, Jim Beam, Grasshopper
Hockey Team: Leafs
Hockey Player: Kessel, Phaneuf, Ovi

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