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01-29-2012, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
you're right that they aren't the same. The analogy I wanted to make was that:

Fox news spews bs...this affects how a lot of morons think and act

The hate the Habs media spews bs...this affects how a lot of morons think and act

The repercussions are obviously on very different scales, but the ire that it draws from (what I'd like to consider) sensible people in both those cases is understandable. Thus, although the tea party has the potential to ruin western civilzation, the negative nancys fueled by Gagnon et al., that unjustly complain about the Habs (specially when it is jingoist, biased and utter ********) have the potential to ruin what a lot of fans enjoy about the team and while debatable, IMO the actual success of the team.
That's something else I don't agree with.

I'll be honest, I have no idea what the whole Cammalleri story is, I didn't pay a lot of attention to it. I read the first few posts of the thread here on HFBoards, but then I just closed it because I figured it was just another tempest in a teacup.

So... Cammalleri ends up being traded. Did Gagnon have anything to do with it? I REALLY hope not. Do you even realize what that implies? That a ****** that rambles on l'Antichambre actually has a say in how this team is managed? What kind of management do we have that they'll let this kind of person have an influence on their decisions? If your thesis is that journalists influence the upper management's decisions, what you should be worried about is not quieting them, it's replacing as soon as possible those in control because they absolutely have no spine.

If you point is that the media pressure will ruin players careers, or keep players away from the city, then I think you aren't looking at the right place. This city worships its hockey players. They're Gods here. The media is a bi-product of that frenzy. They're also a bi-product of the team's powerful marketing department.

You can't have one without the other. Such a large fan base will always translate into media scrutiny, players being idolized, stalked, each of their moves being over-analyzed, etc.

I'll say it once more: it comes with the fame, it comes with the glory, it comes with the pay. It's not a tragedy. It's definitely a problem in our modern society, but no more, no less than anywhere else. Maybe not hockey-wise, but popular public figures all over the world live the same thing.

Some players thrive in those conditions. They enjoy the pressure. The intensity of the crowd. The passion.

Some don't.

Obviously, the players we're looking for are of the former category. Guys that want to be demi-gods. Guys that love the attention. And everything that comes with it.

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