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01-29-2012, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by DynamoAO View Post
Coach Marks is surely something. I love his public quotes that throw teenage kids under the bus and insult them.

After a couple losses one weekend...

About Blake Clarke leaving the team...

He's like a senile crochety old man, who just says the first thing that's on his mind and that's awesome.

I'm glad Clarke is gone, for his sake. He is going to be a helluva player and I hope it is with a team like Dubuque/Omaha/Green Bay a team that is well coached, with tradition and can groom players properly.

As for Guertler, I'm still very up in the air with him. I was expecting Camaretta type production or close to it, but no one on this Fargo team is really supporting him at all, so it's a bit understandable. I can't say I'm "disappointed" in him, as he and Farley are realistically the only two players who can even be perceived as threats on the team, but he simply needs to produce more.
Funny post to re-live almost 2 months later.

That "senile, crotchety old man" has Fargo playing great while winning 10 of its last 11.

Your player and coaching evaluations is literally the worst on this site.

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