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01-29-2012, 01:48 PM
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[QUOTE=Faltorvo;43255979]StarBurns, we are at that cross roads, the one many pointed out starting a few years ago and what the real priorities are with this organization.

and the marching orders from above BB.

Grabo won't be dealt at the TD , just to prevent the possible free loss of a valuable asset.

We have "some depth" in the organization, we have some picks this year , BB and above will not risk, nor diminish the chances of making the POs this year, just to get crushed in the first round, regardless of BBs boasts and PR.

Now BB has stated and proven so far he will not sell future for a squeeze into the POs ,just to get crushed.

BUT! he has never stated that he would NOT risk losing a valuable asset to FA for a nice chunk of future if it meant risking a PO spot, just to get his ass kicked.

Sad part is, they both add up to the same thing, just from different angles and one way is a lot easier to sell to the public and the other has so many ways to excuse yourself outa blame, (oh we hoped to sign Grabo) but alas.

BB will gamble on signing Grabo after the TD and will not move him and put the POs at greater risk. Book that.[/QUOTE]

It all depends on things we don't know like where the contract talks were left at or the potential trades that Burke is working on. Anybody could be moved the untouchables are Kessel, Phanuef, Lupul and Gardiner other than these four each and every player and prospect + picks is in play for trade to improve this team not just Grabo cause he's a UFA come season end.

Burke wont move Grabo just for a pick or prospect that is far away from being ready and he is more than willing to keep him for a playoff run and if he walks as a UFA so beat it he's gains the Cap space that Grabo currently has and will move on from there.

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