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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
That's something else I don't agree with.

I'll be honest, I have no idea what the whole Cammalleri story is, I didn't pay a lot of attention to it. I read the first few posts of the thread here on HFBoards, but then I just closed it because I figured it was just another tempest in a teacup.

So... Cammalleri ends up being traded. Did Gagnon have anything to do with it? I REALLY hope not. Do you even realize what that implies? That a ****** that rambles on l'Antichambre actually has a say in how this team is managed? What kind of management do we have that they'll let this kind of person have an influence on their decisions? If your thesis is that journalists influence the upper management's decisions, what you should be worried about is not quieting them, it's replacing as soon as possible those in control because they absolutely have no spine.

If you point is that the media pressure will ruin players careers, or keep players away from the city, then I think you aren't looking at the right place. This city worships its hockey players. They're Gods here. The media is a bi-product of that frenzy. They're also a bi-product of the team's powerful marketing department.

You can't have one without the other. Such a large fan base will always translate into media scrutiny, players being idolized, stalked, each of their moves being over-analyzed, etc.

I'll say it once more: it comes with the fame, it comes with the glory, it comes with the pay. It's not a tragedy. It's definitely a problem in our modern society, but no more, no less than anywhere else. Maybe not hockey-wise, but popular public figures all over the world live the same thing.

Some players thrive in those conditions. They enjoy the pressure. The intensity of the crowd. The passion.

Some don't.

Obviously, the players we're looking for are of the former category. Guys that want to be demi-gods. Guys that love the attention. And everything that comes with it.
I don't think Gagnon's Cammy interview had any effect on that trade and actually I approve of it.

I'm referring to his bashing of whoever he decides is going to jinn up a group of pitchfork-carrying angry at the establishment, out of touch with reality "followers of the Montreal Canadiens" (can't bear to call them fans). Again, this is NOT the people who legitimately have reasons to be dissatisfied with PG or whoever. I mean the fringe loonies.

As Spacek said, the language debate was a **** of **** and he's glad he wasn't around for it. This is coming from a non-bitter very well liked former-Hab. I would rather our players do NOT get bombarded with constant negativity. There is an element to sports psychology and it's no surprise that in places where there is less intrusiveness, players seem to play better. The pressure thing is different. I'm glad we have a lot of pressure on this team, it's how it should be. When that pressure turn into mutiny, then I think it turns sour for everyone.

There are two ways to approach the team's struggles and each to varying degrees:
1) apathy or support
2) taking your frustration out on them even though they are trying to work through it

I prefer the first option. Now, letting the PP know they suck, I'm fine with. Having media witch hunts, I'm not.

The media has always been heavily present and you're right, it's BIG because the Habs are big here and important and that has the potential to be exploited. I'm obviously being somewhat pollyannish here to assume we just smile and have the media be super favourable towards the team, but I think there's a line.

Look at the way Toronto's networks cover the Leafs. They are the right amount of *****ing about the team and going nuts when they win. I'm for that kind of support, but that's just me. Even when the bruins sucked or even the rangers, their networks and media were if anything, apologetic (not that I'd want that).

Basically I'm saying, if there's an issue, fine, deal with it proportional to it's actual severity. Tabloid journalism and plain 'ol trolling to the public is a real nuisance and does nothing to help the environment of the team. Wouldn't it be nice if those AC d-wads just left PK alone and like in the Det game, ignored him and focused on the part where we are winning a game?

I do think the negativity gets to the players. They certainly love it when it's good here, but sometimes it's a feedback loop and until you can break out of it (by being cut some slack so you're not gripping your stick or distracted or not covering your guy...little mental things) it's going to keep happening.

The point you made about players wanting the pressure - I fully agree with you. There's a difference between pressure and two bit pieces about how all your teammates hate you and how you should be traded. That's not pressure, that's just cheap.

Keeping the teenage girl gossip to a minimum would IMO help. It's a pipedream, particularly in this age of social networks and media, but I can wish...

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