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Originally Posted by NYRFAN218 View Post
Yeah, there will be less seats in the actual bowl. I mentioned it earlier and it should be a 1,000 less with the bridges making up for it. And it sucks for us that there will be less regular seats but to MSG it's simple - Less seats will cause more demand which will result in the ability to charge more per ticket.
The Rangers will always be a hot ticket especially with the team set up to be good for the next 4-7 years and maybe longer. They make a fortune because they own there own TV Network. Ticket prices will go up but compared to other teams they are not outrageous considering this is New York(and I am not comparing them to NJ or NYI). The majority of the profit from the Rangers derived by MSG is not from ticket sales. STH,s always win when there is more demand and the team is good. The person getting screwed is the fan who wants to go to a few games a year and not the STH if the tickets are more in demand but the STH is the one laying out the money ahead of time thus assuming some risk if the demand is low.

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