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01-29-2012, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Commandant View Post
So you admit that when winning is most important, the bullying and intimidation tactics go out the window?

But yet we still hear the argument that these tactics (and not the fact that the Bruins have the best goalie, best defenceman, and deepest offence in the league) are the reasons that they win?
Wow, could you have more nitpicked parts of my post to make up your own facts. I said that the way the game is played during regualr season and playoffs is different. If I use your kind of logic, it would be me saying that you think regular season wins aren't important.. Parros and Godard didn't play in the playoffs, ok, does that mean they were useless during the regular season? Absolutely not.

Paul Mclean, when he got hired by Ottawa, said during the press-conference, and remember that he is a product of DETROIT, that intimidation was still part of the game, and that he welcomed players like Niel, Carkner, Konopka and Smith in his line-up. Lamoriello, probably the best GM in the last 25 years, added both Boulton and Janssen while in Montreal we're drooling of having just Clarkson. Think about that.

My only knock on Moen since we've had him hasn't been the number (or lack of) fights, it's how he's about as agressive as Plekanec when he's playing. I really wished we had Tootoo, a Niel or Rinaldo, a good player that doesn't hit to hit, but hurts in a NASTY way, that's out there to hurt people. That's what I've been hoping of with Andrew Conboy for the last 2 years now. Just like Emelin on thr back-end, we need somebody out there that the opposition looks for on the ice. If anybody starts downgrading those type of players, hockey is not for you...

Fighting is a sideshow in today's NHL with the way the instigator rule is. An enforcer who can't play a regular shift, would add nothing to this team.

I don't mind the Moens, the Prusts, the Steve Otts, Chris Neils, etc... but there is zero evidence that having a 2-4 minute per game goon on your team is necessary or even helps your team win..

5 of the last 6 cup champions did not play a "traditional enforcer" for a single playoff game.

2 of the last 6 (Carolina and Chicago) didnt even have one as a regular during the season, and the wings had Aaron Downey who only played slightly above half the games.

The proof that its a necessity to win just isnt there.
Fighting is PART of the show, and I don't know about you, but I watch hockey for entertainment, I don't think there's any other reason, unless you're Cunneyworth or Gauthier...

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