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Hi everyone
I just started playing hockey again after 8 years, and though I've spent almost 4 months now in researching the new sticks technology, some aspect still baffles me. I used to love wood sticks, but they break easily and we have no hockey shops here.. so i went with shaft/blade for practice and OPS for matches.

I notice that the curves nowdays are somewhat different than what i'm used to, I used to use a straighter curve. Right now I'm using an X40 S10 with P88 curve for my OPS, i admit that the low kickpoint gives me a harder/quicker shots and the more curved blade gives awesome control.

The problem is, my accuracy is now a disaster.. especially when shooting to the left side of the goalie. I used to shoot with a more open follow through, then changed to a more closed one.. still didn't work. I also noticed that my blade is very soft(?) especially when taking slappers/one-timers, feels like it deflects so much/not very rigid.

Though i don't live in a country where hockey is popular, i've been playing since i was 13 y/old (30 now), made the national team when i was 17, played in swedish minor league u21 so I think technique wise, i have experience.. not saying i'm perfect tho. I'm short with pretty lean muscle (5'6 & 150lbs, 10% bodyfat) and uses a 77 - 80 flex (intermediate after cut down)

Here are my questions:

1. Does my accuracy suffer from the blade patterns?
2. Does the not rigid feel i get also affect my accuracy?
3. Will the high end low kick point sticks have that same non rigid feel on the blade?
4. Is there a big difference in shot release quickness/power between lowkick point & mid kick point?

Thank you for reading this, really sorry for the long post. Thing is i'm looking for a new stick and since i don't have the leisure to try them first, i need to be sure my $200 will be worth while... Any advice is very welcome

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