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01-29-2012, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by WeeBey View Post
Logic. I've already explained it but you jsut don't get it. Here it is, one last time.

Gauthier saying bilingualism is important+the **** show surrounding RC=better hire a French coach.

Since you can only take everything for its literal sense, I don't blame you for being confused. He may not have said, "LANGUAGE WILL BE OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY" but its implied to anyone who's ever spent five minutes out in the real world.

After the fiasco, he WILL NOT be hiring a coach that isn't bilingual. There's absolutely ZERO chance that the next coach will be English speaking only. ZERO.

Therefore, he WILL NOT be looking at any candidates from the OHL, WHL or most AHL teams. Why? Because as I already stated, he WILL NOT HIRE AN ENGLISH ONLY COACH. And why won't he hire an English speaking coach? Because of all the trouble he cause the last time he did.


I said most. Not all.
It's actually logic only to those who wants it to be true, you obviously never had to hire anyone for a job so I dont blame you for thinking that way...

care to name those who fits both criteria (wants a bilingual coach AND are separatists)...

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