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11-09-2003, 06:50 AM
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Originally Posted by scosar
Bouillon is and will never be more than a No. 7 who can fill in and play No. 6. He may make less mistakes than Hainsey right now. But he never brings offence the way the kid can.
I am not debating that bouillon is a #7 and when at his best is a decent #6 defenseman, that's exactly what I think about him. As I said in my post even if Bouillon is a #6-7 defenseman at best, it doesn't change my opinion that you don't make the NHL based on hype and potential.

Originally Posted by scosar
Playing Hainsey and then sitting him after a decent game will do nothing for his confidence. When Markov first came up he was making mistakes all the time and looked like he could do with time in the minors. But we kept on playing him night in and night out. His confidence grew and he developed into our best dman.
Unfortunately, Gainey wants to play the kids AND makes the playoffs as well. Hainsey did not prove being a legit NHLer, he isn't a factor on offense (did not play much pp time but when used, he frankly doesn't do much) and he is poor along the boards. Markov was making mistakes yes but at least was working hard and bringing good offense on the table. To think everybody is developing as fast as Markov and that Hainsey's situation is comparable to what happened with Markov is wishful thinking. Markov did not have a lot of competition in the minors as well. Hainsey is not playing like an NHLer and did not earn more ice time and this team wants to make the playoffs and win hockey games. Hainsey does not help you in any way to win hockey games so far. It's been two years in a row two different coaches acted the same way with Hainsey, that alone should raise some concerts. It's time to stop bashing the coaches, Gainey, the system etc anything but Hainsey himself.

Originally Posted by scosar
Let Hainsey play and learn from his mistakes. He has nothing more to learn in the AHL. Sending him down now isn't going to help and it might only make it worse.
Basically, Hainsey is playing one game out of 3 and sending him could make the situation worse? How do you know he has nothing to learn in the AHL? Hainsey needs to polish his defensive coverage and work along the boards.

What Hainsey needs is to kick himself in the derriere and works hard. His attitude is, imo, the reason why he isn't developing as fast as some would like to see. He has the potential but never proved he could develop it at the NHL level. Meanwhile, Mike Komisarek is in the minors, probably NHL ready and did not receive any shot yet.

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