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01-30-2012, 01:59 AM
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I have to say the one thing you NEED to do in order to get better (especially if you're playing on a team, whether it's men's league or travel) is TRY YOUR HARDEST. I've only been playing for a year now (I'm 22) and I've made a HUGE improvement. When I started I could skate forward, but I couldn't stop, skate backwards, crossover, mohawk or any of that stuff. Now, I can do all of that stuff second nature (still working on my stopping on my weak foot, which I can do, but it just doesn't feel as natural as my strong right foot). The way I improved was by skating at least 3 times a week, every week, for an hour and a half at a time. I now play on 2 men's league teams, one each in the D and C2 leagues (in a D C2 C1 B A structure) but I really think I'm ready to play C1. My wrist shot has become very accurate in the past year, and now I'm honing in the power. My slapshot is still iffy, and I can do it well in practice, but in games I just leave it to my wrister/snapper unless I have time to set up. I'm a forward btw, I play wing and center. But back to the effort thing... The one thing I notice on my D League team which is full of beginners like me is how much better I am than the other guys JUST BECAUSE I work my butt off out there. I forecheck like a maniac, and skate my ass back into our zone and defend. This creates chances for me and the rest of my team to score and make plays in general. Hockey is all about the effort, having the heart to push yourself even when you feel like you can't go anymore!

If you can, I suggest finding an Adult Clinic nearby, that's what I did and it realllly helped. I never had a coach (because I never played on a real team growing up) so having someone to show me technique was a real benefit in my development so far. I am actually amazed myself at how much I improved in 12 months! And I can't wait to see how I improve within the next 12!

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