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Originally Posted by param View Post
It's not that tough, what kind of album do you have to review?

The simplest way to go about it:
- Use the first two paragraphs to give some background of the artist or group.

- Then just do a track-by-track review, occasionally emphasizing what kind of mood or pace the songs are setting for the album. The mood explanation can also be used as a great segue when starting on a new track, ex: "[artist name] slows down the pace with, '[insert track name]', by infusing together a perfect blend of classic folk and modern electronica."

- When the track-by-track analysis is done, use one paragraph to describe the shortcomings followed by a paragraph describing the positives (basically which songs were crap and which ones were good).

- The last paragraph should pretty much be a final verdict. ex: "Overall, the album was blah blah.... While there are some bright spots, the album leaves little to the imagination, and fails to spark any emotion..."

Some buzz words to consider..."invoke", "passion", "frenzy", "haunting", "gritty", "rustic", "sublime", "divine"...grab a thesaurus and you should be fine.

Don't try to be a wordsmith, reviews should be about informing the reader, not about being a psuedo-classical-literature-maestro.
Thanks for that. Reviewing The Bends. The problem is that I have to do that as if it's 1995 and compare it to other stuff that was released as well, so I gotta do more research.

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