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01-30-2012, 01:22 AM
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Originally Posted by BillDineen;43284357[QUOTE
]I cannot believe what is written in this thread:
D played well for MFL (and assume because they had worst stats, poorly for Emery and Boosh)????
Is this that difficult to believe? You have capable NHL goalies who have each gone deep in the NHL playoffs, and then you have a career AHL who can't keep a job. You don't think the defense will play harder for the AHLer, and become naturally a bit more complacent for the NHL vets?
D plays poorly in front of Bryz in an offensive system yet Bob puts up strong numbers???
like i said in a previous post, Bob's athleticism can make up for the occasional defensive lapse. Bryz isn't as athletic. Bob's had a couple bad games this year too, but hasn't suffered from shattered confidence
Lavy's system is not built for the playoffs yet the Canes one???
No one said it's not built for the playoffs.
It is not April 1rst yet is it?
Answers in bold.

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