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Good idea

About Yourself
Name: Istvan
Age: 38
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Origin of Screen Name: nickname

Hockey Background
Years Playing: a bit more than 2 years
Current Team: Huskies
Current League: SW rec league
Highest Level Played: D-level
Current Level: D-level
Position: RW, used to play D
Type of Player: speedy playmaker
Player You Emulate: I suck

Current Gear
Helmet: CCM V10 w cage
Shoulders: Easton ST6 (play in a checking league)
Elbows: Reebok 10K
Shins: CCM U+ 09
Gloves: Warrior Surge
Skates: Reebok 11K ice, reebok 6k roller
Pants: CCM V06
Stick: CCM U+ CL, Easton ST 2009, Easton ST2010, Warrior Dolomite DD, 2 x Bauer total one shaft + total one blade for roller, all Sakic curve

Hobbies: My car, video games, working out (currently bodyweight exercises and kettlebell)
Movies: Instinkt, Riddick movies
Music: Don't really matter, if I had to pick 50's rock'n'roll, early Eminem, 2pac
TV: 2.5 men with Charlie, Big bang theory
Food: Sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, following the leangains protocol. Should eat less carbs
Drinks: lots of water, good beer/wine/schnaps, diet dr. pepper
Hockey Team: Detroit Redwings
Hockey Player: Pavel Datsyuk

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