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01-30-2012, 04:55 AM
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Single game round robin tickets for this year's games now available.

156 euros minimum for any Finland game and top-7 matchup, 70 euros minimum for the rest. That's... highway robbery.

To offer a comparison, in Sweden 100 euros buys you a four-game package with at least one Tre Kronor game.

Maikkari botching these games on TV and now FIHA on-site... whatever extra enthusiasm I had of these games being on home soil is now pretty much dead.

I'll still be watching them of course, but hardly with any more glee than any other WHC.

And oh, the next EHT squad is out as well:

No youngsters (okay, possibly resting) and no Karalahti, so I guess we can snub him off of any serious consideration of making the final team.

Jalonen is obviously relying on getting every available player from NHL, which means he'll only have to patch a few holes with old familiars to make a team.

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