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01-30-2012, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Sure but maybe there's something else they don't want people knowing. For example maybe he had a different kind of problem that is ultimately holding him from coming back and they don't want it to be public knowledge.

I wasn't saying that is the case, the point I was making that it's ultimately not information we're entitled to know. We are fans, let the people who manage teams manage them, if they don't want information on the injury being talked about it's their prerogative. Maybe it's Markov himself who told the Goat he didn't want to have it discussed? It's irrelevant what the reason is, the point is that it's ultimately none of our business. This team is a business like any other and if the guy running the team doesn't want the media and fans to know something it's no different than Apple being protective of one of their devices specs prior to release. I don't see people whining about companies keeping info from us all the time, why it matters with a sports injury so much I'll never understand.

Is knowing the full details of Markov's injury, return etc going to change the outcome? If you know the full juicy details what does it change? Only negatives come with dishing out info on an injured player, the organization has nothing beneficial to gain from letting go of information like that. You think appeasing the fans and media with regard to injury information is their job? It's Andrei Markov's injury, he plays for Montreal, it's their business, we as fans aren't entitled to any information surrounding it.
There is a difference between hiding a new injury or just being wrong about his return. When everyone thought markov was going to play in early december and Gauthier announced that Markov is going into arthroscopic surgery, he gave a time table for his return (for the 4th time this season). He said the rehab will take three weeks. It took someone in the media to find out that Markov will actually be out until after the allstar break, which management eventually confirmed.

The fans and media are entitled to knowing how long the best player of their team is out for. They don't necessarily need to know the injury, but the timetable is important... unfortunately management has be lying about that the whole season for whatever reason.

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