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11-09-2003, 07:21 AM
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saw you working at the game, mark; you seemed pretty hard at work. hey, tell management that if is to be paid for, it will make following the manatees on the road dificult and thus make fans (especially myself) less likely to support/follow the team. i was actually impressed at how hockey-focused and non-fighting focused the game was. Only 1 fight; bravo!. Some decent players in Perricone and Cain ('tees version of Kozlov/Jokinen). Frankly, I thought the goalies for Macon were both better , but the Trax D just absolutely let them get abused. Product was decent, but will have to acquire more nhl-pedigree players (i saw former kings G Goverde is playing in the league, which is nice); hopefully the lockout can do this (rake in some ahl'ers and 4th line nhlers).