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01-30-2012, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
Here's what I don't get.

I was one of the loudest screamers that we needed to do something last summer to improve the team. That said, I had no idea who Craig Smith was, was ready to give up on Colin Wilson, had no idea how good Ellis/Josi were, didn't know if we'd pony up bucks to Rinne, etc, etc, etc. I'm happily eating a little crow on that.

With the young core that's only going to get better, the best goalie on the planet locked up - how can Suter/Weber not see that this team has improved and will be a contender for a long time?

Is the only way to show commitment to winning to go out and throw $$$'s at UFA's who have a hit/miss ratio of about 50/50?

With Weber/Suter signed for, say, 4 years - playing in front of Rinne, and with the continuing growth of our younger players and some choice acquisitions (not necessarily throwing huge wads at Parise, but smart additions to the forward core) - I can't guarantee a cup, but there won't be anyone in the NHL who will be a bigger contender.

Do we have more faith in our team than our Captain/Assistant Captain?

And I don't see how Suter can't see that his not signing (if he's truly interested in resigning - I have my doubts) hamstrings this team from doing the things he wants to see. You can't acquire the big time talent without gutting the farm, you can't gut the farm without locking down your foundation players. Not to mention the odds of any really high impact player truly being on the market (Iginla, Parise, Ryan) are slim anyway.
This is where a different debate opens up. Are we really that much better than last year? Personally, I believe, Rinne is the reason why the record is THAT good. And Rinne is fantastic, but you can't rely that much on your goalie come playoff time, and expect to reach the conference finals. I do think we need to add a couple of pieces to ensure we're not (quoting I believe BTN...) once again a speed bump on the way to the finals.

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