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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
There's a couple threads where I talk about the P92, but your question is unique so I'll try to answer it.

First, if you can flex the blade in your hands, it will flex when you hit the puck and mess with your accuracy. Bauer blades tend to be very good and stiff but the X:40 is a lower model and might not have the lifespan. My X:60 has seen maybe 50-60 ice times in the last year and is still almost as stiff as new.

Alternately, it could be the low kickpoint of the X:40 is causing the blade to torque open on slappers and one timers. Again I think part of this could be the X:40 not being as high quality a stick but you might get along a lot better with a Supreme model stick which has a stiffer reinforced kickpoint.

Me personally, kickpoints have a lot more to do with feel than anything else, although I have noticed that lower kick sticks tend to give me higher shots. But my slapshots are absolutely nothing to write home about while my snap/wrist shots are pretty dang good if I can say so. I don't like mid kick sticks because they feel like they are working against me. But again I never take slappers and like to shoot quick snappers with my hands less than two feet apart.
Actually yes, i can flex the blade if i give quite a pressure on it. And the X40 blade also gives you that loud crunchy sound when a puck hits it hard, also feels almost like the blade is vibrating..

Let me try and borrow a friend's stick this saturday, i believe he still have a wooden one and a supreme line, we'll see how it works.

Btw, I read you threads about the P92.. I get the feeling that the way you shoot wristers is somewhat similar to me

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