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01-30-2012, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
What a shocker that you didn't understand Black's point or just chose to ignore it. You also seemed to have missed/ignored the hyperpole he used to make it. Which is surprising considering how often its used on this board.

Its simple. When many of your best players (Roy, Stafford and Miller, etc) are having career worst seasons. You're not going to win many games or make the playoffs. The hyperbole being even the league's best players aren't going to win when they are playing their worst. If you or anyone else actually thinks he is making a skill level comparison between any of our players and Gretzky and co then......

What Black said was correct and not really an earth shattering point to make

Thats not what he was talking about. Black was talking about whether or not this was a lost season. He didn't want to refer to this season as lost one YET. He gave a few reasons for that. One was he didn't want to give up on the possibility of making the playoffs yet. They still have a chance in his opinion. Another reason was he felt that sometimes teams grow and learn from season like this and it can lead to future greatness.

Black's comments weren't a call for patience. They were an arguement that this season wasn't a waste or a lost season. You don;t have to agree with him but thats what he is arguing.

The quote you used in the OP from the article has a falsehood in it. I guess you didn't notice it when you "read past the headline".
Exactly. All he is saying is when a bunch of key players are having their worst year, it is really hard to win and make the playoffs. Notihing more to read into it. As far as patience, again, I am more concerned bout actions that words.

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