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01-30-2012, 01:29 PM
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Rose Please

Back to the Rose. The drama is building as Ryan narrows his choices down. Smashville, his long time girl, wants to get hitched in the worst way. These other girls are the “evil women with painted faces” your mother warned you about when you were growing up, Ryan.
The other girls are from bigger cities, wealthier families, and are much more famous. They may whisper sweet nothings into your ear, but nobody will love you like we do. They want you because of what you’ve become. We love you because we grew up together. We’ve experienced everything in NHL life for the first time, together. We loved you when you weren’t “Ryan Suter- Stud All-Star”. And we’ll stick by you, no matter what. You listen to the wrong voices and stray, and then don’t produce a great levels and win a Cup, they will turn on you and go after the next golden boy.
See what happened when you went to the Big City (Ottawa) and got seduced by all those microphones. You tried to answer everyone’s questions honestly (like you were brought up to do here in Nashville) and they twisted and turned your words. That’s just the beginning if you choose one of these Big City Girls.
So now you can’t commit because it’ll be a distraction. Ryan, us coming to terms on our relationship isn’t a distraction. The distraction is postponing the commitment and having to ward off temptation, deal with daily questions, and potentially losing the trust between us.
We know you’re confused. You’re making it all too complicated. You want to make sure Smashville is committed to being the best, for you and the city. We are. Take the plunge. Think how good it will feel to commit to the one you know the best, the one who knows you the best, the one you can grow old with.
Oh Ryan, by the way, you know us as the sweetest partner you’ve ever had. Never had a bad word for you. Always on your side. We’ve laid it out for you. We’re giving you everything you’re asking for. If you string us along until after the season, and we stay together all during that time because we believe in you so much, and then you dump us for one of those Ho’s, you will be dead to us.
No screaming, no violence, no scenes. We will walk away, take our draft picks, and it’ll be like you never existed. We’ll be beyond being friends. That can’t happen. We’re friends with Kimmo, and Harts, and Vokie. With you, nothing. Cut off. It’s all or nothing.
So be the guy we know you to be. Hand us the rose and lets win three cups over the term of your next contract. We’ll rename 5th avenue, Suter Street.
In your heart, you know we’re right for each other. Stop fighting it and trying to be something other people want you to be.

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