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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
This is totally, 100% wrong. Businesses aren't doing their customers a 'favour' by disclosing important information. We are not only 'entitled' to information, we are owed it. Sports teams are nothing more than faces on the roster. We root for those faces, we buy tickets and merchandise to go watch those faces play, we show up to events to shake hands with that roster of faces, we get autographs and pictures of those faces. The Habs make all their money from how well that roster of faces is sold to us. So they cannot pretend that those faces instantly become invisible and off-limits because it's inconvenient. Hiding one of those faces away in secrecy is not only bad marketing, it's insulting to the very people who have bought the product based on those faces.

Very simply: Ignore your customers and you lose them. And please spare me the old cliche about how fans will always, always remain loyal to the Habs. Loyalty alone does not keep a business alive. Liking the Habs counts for zero unless it translates to tickets and merchandise. People just like me will continue to buy tickets and spend money only IF we feel the team is doing its best to win and respond to our needs as customers. If you screwed up with Markov, admit it and come clean. I forgive a restaurant that mixes up my order if they're forthright, I'll forgive the Habs as well.

But treat me like I don't exist and, guess what -- my dollars won't exist shortly after.
Agreed, die hards like us are likely not much concern, but there are fringe fans who will go elsewhere. It's a complete and total lack of respect for it's paying customers.

It's like paying service for Cable and your favorite channel going missing and you having no right to know when the service you are paying for will be back. The idea that the fans are just a bunch of minions that need to know nothing is utterly ridiculous.

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