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Originally Posted by WestIslander View Post
I don't care what people say about what he did, all I know is the following are reasons why we are where we are this season and it all falls on Gauthier's shoulders:

1) Not re-signing Hamrlik (even though he wanted the third year as well) and letting him walk for nothing, he was the shutdown defenseman in Montreal for the last 4 seasons and was able to shutdown Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, Malkin and Crosy in 2009/2010.

2) Not having the guts to buy out, trade or send Gomez to the minors after a pathetic season last year and showing the team and hockey world that having less than 40 points in a season while make over $7,000,000.00 is acceptable.

3) Not re-inforcing the defense in October when he knew Markov would not start the season or play for at least a month or two, at that point he should of dealt a young player or draft pick for a proven defenseman that can play on the top 3 with Gorges and Subban.

Besides that, I think that Gauthier's day's in Montreal are close to done and this coming from the guy that called the Cammalleri trade a month before it happened, I think that Gauthier will be fired the week of the "post mortum" in Montreal that we have all grown custom to.
Point 1: Hamrlik has been pretty bad with the Caps, and will probaly be even worst next season.

Point 2: Before PG signed Campoli we had over 5M in cap space with nothing to spend it on. So I'm not sure why we needed to dump Gomez last off-season when there wasn't anything to spend the money on. Now if Gomez isn't gone by this off-season we might have an issue, but during the summer, it was better to keep him and see if he can rebound.

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