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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
Thanks for the advice jonger and Jarick, will try that next time.

I followed the instructions with running under a faucet or from hot water kettle. Even after 24hrs it still didn't take. Might be too much water, but there was no warning about it on instruction or from manufacturer. I did use my finger to"activate" and push off excess water.

Sticks are a Reeebok 6k and a Easton Magnum shaft ($30, but perfect flex and length, and I'm not sad when they snap in two though they've lasted good).
I think that was your problem right there. You want to wet the tape just enough so the grip will slide on. Too much water and you run the risk of removing/rinsing off the adhesive. Also, try to avoid using hot water as it can dissolve the adhesive. Use lukewarm or even somewhat cold water.

I still prefer the hairspray method though as its faster and any added girth I can reduce(even though the tape is thin) is a plus.

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