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As Jacques Martin once said... Do your homework.

Last year, Zenon Konopka took 2.0 penalties per 60 minutes of icetime (this stat excludes coincidental penalties where no pp is given). This was 6th worst in the entire NHL for regulars (ie at least 40 games played).

This year, Zenon Konopka takes 2.3 penalties per 60 minutes of ice time. This is 8th worst in the entire NHL for players with at least 20 games played.

The guy is a liability, and is one of the worst guys in the league for putting you on the pk.

Stats per
And how many games does it takes for Konopka to accumulate 60 minutes of play?
At the opposite, Tomas Plekanec takes 1.4 penalties each 60 minutes of play, but how many games does it takes for Plekanec to accumulate 60 minutes of play? 3 games.

Can we ask each players to reach perfection? No. Indiscipline isn't an issue on the Montreal Canadiens and adding a guy that's going to take 2 penalties each 6 games isn't going to change a lot of things. You may say "hey, at the end of the year, it's 25 powerplays where we could allow 12 goals". But we have one of the best penalty killing units and Konopka simply is one of the best at killing penalties. Oh yes, he is way better than Darche and Desharnais at doing it.

Toughness is an issue on the Habs and he is a part of the answer.

Originally Posted by Commandant
The stats don't lie.
Average Ice Time per game - 6:21
Not bad. 6:21, I take it in a heartbeat. The real liabilities like Orr, MacIntyre and Boogaard were all taking less than that. By the way, the stats do not show that he is a liability for those 6:21 minutes (and they counted the game where he left after the 1st period with a hand injury). If he was that much of liability, he wouldn't take the same amount of minutes than his line partner Rod Pelley. Is Pelley a liability? If yes, they have no reason to keep him since he isn't a goon. but he's not. Like Parros, he doesn't change the way that the game is played, just like Nokelainen, Darche or Blunden.

Anyway, we have Carey Price in front of our net who is a liability for 60 minutes!!

Originally Posted by Commandant
This has nothing to do with the lack of enforcer.

You've also failed to mention that we only have 2 legit top 4 defencemen in Gorges and Subban.

You've also failed to mention that we have no true 2nd line centre.
It has something to do with the lack of enforcer and toughness.
If your name is P.K. Subban, you are chasing for the puck or your now have the puck behind your goalie, but you know that Shawn Thornton or Milan Lucic is about to freightrain you in the corner, what do you do? You do just like Subban, you take the puck away where there is no one without looking to avoid the hit.

Now, if you're Milan Lucic, what do you do if you have the puck behind Tim Thomas, and you have David Desharnais, Brian Gionta, Tomas Plekanec, or even Erik Cole, who is about to freightrain you in the corner? Do you take the puck away like a sissy ass Habs player?

No. You pass it to your teamate because you know that you're never gonna get hurt when playing against the Habs. All what you know is that you can hurt other players.

Only them who have played hockey with contact understands what I'm saying here.

Theory is bullsh1t since it's elaborated by people who think that the equipment prevents you from being hurt on a play. You're the perfect example of that.

By the way, talking about top 4 Dmen, even when we had Markov/Wisniewski, Gorges, Subban, Hamrlik, and Spacek (yes, yes, Spacek), we were not able to make the playoffs before one of the last games of the year.

And for the centremen BS, many teams are way worst. The Hawks even have Dave Bolland on their 2nd line and they are flirting with the first place in the West. In a tougher team, Plekanec was putting up 70pts a year, and Desharnais is on pace for 58pts, which is at LEAST as good as David Krejci's 62pts and Bergeron's 52 and 57pts.

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