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01-30-2012, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by chewBACHa View Post
3) He signed Campoli.
I'm putting emphasis on this because a lot of people seem to skip over it.

Let's play a game. You are Mr. Gauthier. It is July 1st. You have these defensemen under contract:

-Markov who you think will be ready in time for the season, that's what the doctors told you (what else should you base your opinion on?).

-Gorges, solid defensive defenseman. Can play #2 minutes.

-Subban, a young, rising star in the NHL.

-Gill, whose heroics in the playoffs gave him the reputation of one of the best defensive defenseman in the league, especially on the PK.

-Spacek, reliable veteran.

Then, for the last spot, you have 3 young guys battling it out. Diaz, Emelin and Weber.

So that's 8 guys that you can have in the line-up. Signing one more defenseman makes no sense at this point.

Fast-forward to September. It's the training camp. You are happy with Diaz' camp so far. Same with Emelin and Weber, although to a lesser extent. Problem is, Markov is taking time to heal, he hasn't participated in any drills or intra games. You'd rather not play 2 of the 3 young guys every game, so what do you do?

You sign the last decent option available on the FA market: Campoli.

There. This defense can hold the fort until Markov comes back.

Sadly, the guy you JUST signed gets injured on a very iffy play during his first pre-season game. You're stuck doing exactly what you wanted to avoid: icing a very young and inexperienced defense. No more good options on the market. At least, not players you'd play over the young guys. Nobody wants to trade a decent defenseman to you early in the season, because they all want to see how their team gels. They don't want to take the risk to get a guy at the end of the pre-season because they won't have time to evaluate him.

Alright, game over. What was Gauthier supposed to do? He did the right thing. It just backfired. I think he played the whole thing well. He couldn't know Markov would take so much time when the specialists themselves told him he'd be ready.

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