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01-30-2012, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by puckish66 View Post
It's really not all he's saying. He wants people to read into it. Guys like Ted work practically their entire lives to polish the ability to influence people's opinions with their words. If a certain percentage of the fan base will buy into Ted's comment, well, mission accomplished.

From Mike Harrington's chat:

1:51 [Comment From Greg: ]
I feel like we have the same group of guys and definately way more talented guys on the roster this year compared to last year and we made the playoffs last years. Is the chemistry really lost on this team, or is it just horrible luck that the players are really having there worst statistic year all at once?
Your opinion was primarily shaped by Malacaro's article and its editorial slant. His editorial comments about preaching patience and his take on Black reaffirming his belief in the players were not from Black. Both were essentially made up elements by Malacaro that Black never put forth. Yet you believed them completely.

I find it laughable that you're now accusing those of us basing our opinions on what Black ACTUALLY SAID as the ones being led around by the nose.

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