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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
i have no problem with him trade-wise. could be better, but could be worse. thing is, the part of the job that goat reeeeaaaaaaally sucks at, is the most important part of his job description in montreal: public relations.

but the cluster**** that is this season starting with the missunderestimation (thank you bush) of the cunneyworth hiring (add the martin firing, the timing of the cammy trade et cetera) is grounds for firing. he doesn't seem to know how to handle people or thinks it's not important. period. montreal needs a GM that can talk to the media and the fans.

the circus-like atmosphere surrounding the franchise at the moment is 100% goat's responsibility
Precisely. Habs went through 2 very bad sequences this seasons. The first 8 games (1-5-2) when the team needed to adapt after the loss of an experienced center and top-4 dmen , and the 8 games coinciding with Martin's firing (1-7-0).

Take out these games, and the Habs are way closer to the 1st overall position than the 1st overall draft pick.

Both of these sequences are directly Gauthier's responsibility. He made those choices, and he handled them badly. What I hate about him is that he refused to take part of the blame. Now, he hides behind the structure, putting all the pressure on his rookie coach and his young team. I don't like that.

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