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Originally Posted by Recreational Skater View Post
I sure hope they aren't breaking down already and i'm not sure whether it's causing me any problems since i have virtually no experience in hockey skates and how they should feel on my feet.

From what i have read it doesn't seem to make any difference and is just a slight change between brands.

Thanks for the tip about trying them out, next time i'm there i will try them all out.

I did take a look on the internet for used ones but they didnt fit my size, i'd rather buy new ones as i want them to perfectly fit my feet.

I'm thinking about heat molding them if i buy new ones.

Thanks alot, the backward skating is killing me. It's all good fun though and i feel like i improve everyday

I've started to push my heel towards the ground while i tie and focus more on the heel section rather then ankles. I'm also no longer lacing the last eyelet as i read it gives the best flexibility when skating and also improving their strength.

I realised now that they are a little big, only by 1 or 1/2 size so it's okay.


Thanks everyone for answering, i feel like i have a better understanding how they should feel and i dont really have that comfortable and snug feeling with these ones so i might look for a pair of new ones.

I have a few in mind
I'm no pro by any means but I've been skating and playing hockey for 25 years and I wholeheartedly disagree with this. That last eyelet for me is the key means of support. Sometimes if I've had too short of laces or a snapped or broken lace and had to forego the final set of holes it's a nightmare. Ankles flopping everywhere. I go from a pretty nice skater to a mess.

Just my 2 cents worth though.

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