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01-30-2012, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyOnTheSpot View Post
It seems that along with the emergence as a legit superstar this year statistically, the NHL has really been plugging him a lot more and trying to bring him up to "elite" level with Crosby, Ovechkin, Toews, etc. I remember when Richards was hitting his stride in 08ish thinking that it was going to happen with him, and while he was definitely rising, he was never brought to that level through publicity and what not.

Think about how Giroux's been treated this are some examples that make me think it:

-Main Flyer promo'd for WC
-Player site on now listed (first Flyer I've seen on there)
-Mic'd up for the All-Star game
-1 of 6 players used for AS promo pics
-Commercials. He's in the Verizon one, and was featured in the AS and WC ones as well
-Memorabilia has been excessive...he has like 10 different Fatheads now
-I've seen him used for ads on various websites
-Pierre basically...well, blows him during the game like he does for select superstars (Toews, Datsyuk, Crosby, you guys know what I mean)

There are other examples that are slipping my mind, but I just feel like the NHL is really pushing Giroux down our throats, more so than any Flyer since Lindros. I'm not complaining since I've loved him since he came up, it's just been sticking out to me and wanted to see what others thought. I understand he was high up on the scoring charts all year, but Kessel isn't getting this much attention...hell he's getting more airtime than Malkin.

Is it just because he's the first universally marketable superstar we've had in a while?
So what is your issue with this?

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