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Originally Posted by Habs23 View Post
That's E-Z to say from the recliner in Toronto, we have enough issues in Montreal that the last thing we need is some arse stirring the pot! It's entertainment to some & to people on the West-Island, well we are just quietly trying to survive land aircraft & hope one day to get nice things like the Expos back!

Columnists like that! aren't even ever going to help us get Free-Agent's to play for what is a actually a really beautiful City.

Good thing we have relaxed Alcohol Laws on this Island, we need them!
Je sais pas trop ce que t'essaies d'insinuer avec ce commentaire, mais je suis un Québécois... Je suis juste ici pour mes études. T'as manqué mes posts qui défendaient ceux qui chiâlaient sur le coach anglais? Inquiètes-toi pas, je suis très au courant de ce qui se passe au Québec.

I don't think Gagnon is just "stirring the pot". He's just doing his job. You've gotta admit that this year, there isn't much positive to talk about, so of course he's gonna come off as being pretty negative. So does the entire media, but what else are you gonna do? This season is catastrophic, so there isn't much else for journalists to do but to be negative.

As for people saying they'd never find a job elsewhere: grab the newspapers. Don't tell me that they don't focus on negative news. All of media is like that. That's normal. "Everything's going according to plan" is pretty boring "news". People love to hear about how someone was brutally murdered, or how someone else strapped a bomb to themselves and killed 50 others, or how the terrible economy is forcing people to flee their foreclosed homes. They shake their heads at this and might even complain about the news' focus on the negative, but they keep coming back for more. Call me cynical, but bad news sell.

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