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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
"Unless he's this seasons Tim Thomas"

You mean we have to shelter his minutes and play a guy who's younger and just as good a ton of the time? ****ing ridiculous, enough of slobbing on Thomas' knob. He's hardly the standard for goaltending excellence. Guess the "SABR geniuses" forgot to account for the fact this is the best defense our goaltender has ever played behind.

Lost interest there. Hockey SABR is a joke. Like i've always said, they are horrendous at accounting for strong defense and great goaltending...which is what our team is built around.

I agree completely with Greg, here. Sure, will we regress? It's possible. But i'm sick of hockey SABR stats and their complete ignorance of other variables. Please, stick to baseball, where they're actually incredibly legitimate.
Yep, I saw that statement and threw up a little.

btw, anyone notice the other day as the all star game was closing out they were mentioning all the top teams in the league and who they thought would win each division? I didn't hear one peep from anyone about the Rangers. That is what I was talking about in the Boston PGT about how this team still gets very little respect.

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