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01-31-2012, 08:05 AM
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Apathetic is a pretty good word to describe my current state of being an Eagles fan.

I was absolutely devastated after the Super Bowl loss. Even though I knew that the Eagles were the underdog, an Eagles loss was not a possible outcome on my horizon. I knew they were going to win that game. Well, they didn't. When they lost to the Saints 2 years later I was disappointed but accepted that the Saints were just a better team.

I guess every fan has his breaking point, and the Cardinals game 2 years later was mine. Once again I was devastated after the game, but for a different reason. On that night the realization finally hit me that they are not going to win it. Not with this staff. Something inside of me died in that game, that something that no matter what happened I always believed they were going to win it in the end. They won't, they simply won't. No matter how many things go their way, they will find a way to lose it. That's why the losses to the Cowboys 2 years ago and to the Packers last year didn't sting one bit. It was just the inevitable happening, the Eagles losing in the playoffs.

This year, I was once again devastated by the loss of the Ravens. An intense feeling of disappointment I haven't felt after an Eagles loss for quite some time now. And I have to agree with everything Amateur Hour said, I also hate the way the Eagles are playing. Soft, weak-willed, spineless, and passionless. Attributes I hate in a football team and every one described the Eagles perfectly.

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