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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Your opinion was primarily shaped by Malacaro's article and its editorial slant. His editorial comments about preaching patience and his take on Black reaffirming his belief in the players were not from Black. Both were essentially made up elements by Malacaro that Black never put forth. Yet you believed them completely.

I find it laughable that you're now accusing those of us basing our opinions on what Black ACTUALLY SAID as the ones being led around by the nose.
Ted reaffirmed his belief in Lindy and Darcy. That in itself is preaching patience.

He said the season isn't lost, which is both preaching patience and reaffirming belief in the players.

And the quote about Lemieux and Howe and all that can reasonably be seen as believing in the players. "They're just having fluky career down years that every player, even the great ones, have. It won't (and can't) happen again."

You can agree or disagree. Fine. But stop portraying a differing opinion as the foisting of a pack of lies onto the world or something.

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