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01-31-2012, 09:31 AM
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Eh, it depends on how your body's metabolism has adapted. Some people are more carb adapted and others more fat adapted.

We're talking one game a week usually. It's a different ball game when you're playing once or twice a day on top of workouts...then you need to keep refilling glycogen and managing your macros pretty closely.

I'd have to take another look at my (extremely extensive) notes from reading about ketogenic diets and the metabolism, but off the top of my head it was something about food not being digested and broken down for at least 2-4 hours and it taking several more hours (possibly up to a day or two) for the liver to convert the glucose into glycogen and for the glycogen to get carried through the blood into the muscles for storage.

The long and short was that carb loading makes sense either the day before playing or after playing. Most of the cyclical ketogenic diet info (bleeding edge of science, like Leangains and Lyle McDonald) go for re-feeds after workouts.

I'd probably just stick with a big lunch 6-8 hours before the game and depending on whether you like to play hungry or with a little bit of food a small snack before the game.

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