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11-09-2003, 08:38 AM
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I was a the game yesterday, in the 5th row. Normally I'd never go to a Flyers-Rangers game - where I'm basically hoping both teams lose somehow - but the tickets were free.

A couple of observations:

I watch most of the Rangers games on MSG because I live in Hoboken and most of my friends are Rangers fans. Lindros doesn't look that good on TV. At the game yesterday, however, he looked very solid. And I'm saying this as a guy that hates Eric Lindros. It was the physical play and the stuff behind the play that really impressed me. He and Brashear jousted constantly (man, Brashear is a cheap player), and Lindros never lost a confrontation. There was also a play where Lindros and Roenick were in the Rags defensive end, and the puck was cleared up the ice. Roenick had been overpowered by Lindros, and was prone on the ice. Roenick attempted to get up, but was in between Eric's legs. At this point, Lindros RODE ROENICK LIKE A PONY. It was hilarious. After a few seconds of struggling, Lindros shoved Roenick onto the ice, stepped over him nonchalantly, and headed up ice. Roenick followed him when he managed to recover himself, but was clearly pissed and had a little hissy fit, slapping a helmet up ice with his stick. It was great. Not sure if they got that on TV. I felt like it was payback for all of those goddamn Rooming with Roenick commercials. If Lindros can keep playing physical like this, I wouldn't complain too much about him.

I watched for Lundmark last night, because a friend of mine has been talking him up lately. I thought he was invisible at the game, but later I realized that it was because the kid played like 6 shifts all night. Poor coaching, I think.

Anson Carter didn't play well. I see a few of you have mentioned that he had a decent game, but I have to disagree. I loved AC when he was a Bruin, and I know he can play a lot better than he did. Aside from that one great hit behind the net, he did nothing. The Rangers need to pair him with a different center.

Dunham was awesome, and has always been solid. What was all that Dunham for CuJo stuff about? Dunham is better than CuJo.

That is all. Back to my own board.

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