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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
See.....Kaberle was not something you'd like to acquire from most GM's. But it only takes one.....AKost has surely some interest throughout the league. Frankly, it's not about who are's who are interesting AND available. In a league where parity makes it harder for teams to be eliminated come trade deadline, if Habs are in that position, I can tell you that AK WILL be interesting. might not be THAT interesting only if the asking price is too much.

As far as keeping him, why not. No problem with that. Question is: "Are you interesting in paying 4 M$ for a guy who will end up on your 3rd line." If the answer is yes based on the fact that it means we're solid all over and prooves our depth, so I say yes. But if not, 4 M$ for a 3rd liner is a bit excessive. But for lack of better, I'd keep him. Really hope Eller would take off offensively next year though.
"Are you interesting in paying 4 M$ for a guy who will end up on your 3rd line."

Right now, he's playing with Eller and Moen. Yes that line would be considered the #3 line but it's also considered the shut down line many nights. That has value.

Also, replace Moen with MaxPac or Bourque next year. That MaxPac-Eller-AKost line would almost become your #1 line and AK would not be a worse player just because MaxPac would replace Moen. He would actually become even more of a weapon because MaxPac would convert more of his setups and Eller would be one year older and wiser.

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