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Originally Posted by sousuffer View Post
Also, just because a stat is harder for you to understand doesn't make it useless or "stupid". There will be improved ways of measuring factors towards winning hockey games in the future just as it happened in baseball....perhaps not to the same degree (due to individual battles in baseball that was brought up previously), but definitely moreso than before.
Careful on some things. I read Moneyball. I read Bill James. Lets' recall that Sabremetrics also pointed out that teh best thing that a baseball team can to is NOT to have a closer, but do it by commitee. A lesson that Theo Epstien learned the hard way.

Sabremetics also tell you that you should never bunt a runner over to 3rd base, because giving up an out is a no-no. yet, in the bottom of the 9th, bunting a runner over when there are no outs, makes sense. Sabremetrics also devalue the stolen base.

Point being, is that they are usefull as a tool, but certainly not a bible. Hockey is also not baseball. Goal scoring can go up or down, depending on what type of player that is on your line.

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