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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
What I overlooked? Again, I'm been known as this terrible pessimistic guy for continuously bashing this duo we've had for the last 8 years. And I KEEP saying that we should stop giving picks away so we'd let the guy WHO IS OUR GREATEST ASSET IN OUR TEAM, work. So unless you don't know me and my opinions on the subject, you know that I'm one of their harsher critics.

As far as quality is concerned of both teams, again, while I do know that Chiarelli surrounded them better, those Boston players themselves have also helped the new acquire players to shine as well. And they even got themselves going. We could cleary say that Marchand is doing an incredible job yet, maybe he's doing it because of Bergeron. So that bunch they've drafted permitted for that team to do great in the playoffs. Yes, the additions of Thomas and Chara isn't too shabby, I obviously know. And their GM was also able to get a Rask for a Raycroft while we were able to get a Eller for a Halak. I know all of that. But most of our list, you can still say that most of them are still unproven on a long run and in the playoffs. Chances are you would take Bergeron ahead of most of that list. And you'd take Lucic ahead of most of it as well. And again, I'm not sure where I'm bashing Timmins buy anyway. Though, I do mention that he's way more impressive in his later rounds than in his 1st rounds. That's just a fact. 2003, 2004, 2006 could have been better. And we will find it out soon for 2009-2011. Then you look at who he was able to find in later rounds from Streit, Halak and Co and that is impressive. But there were strategies I didn't like, the 2006-2007 strategy of going with prioritizing d-men and not BPA, though I am, SOMETIMES, for needs as well but not like that. I also think that we should be better at our 2 most important locations we love, which is the Q and the US. We could be better. Timmins might be the best. But I believe even a #1 could improve. Not sure how I can word it differently. He's OBVIOUSLY not a problem, I'm pretty sure that naming him THE GREATEST ASSET WE HAVE, as a compliment and a proof that he's not a problem. So it is a thread about discussing Timmins and Co., what we like, what we don't. Not a thread entitled "Who is the biggest problem we have".

So now, the question is....if we have the best head scout in the league who is destroying everybody the **** are we still a playoff contender team? And if the answer is the GM and his group, how the **** do anybody in here keep defending them? How the heck can you be so great and yet have to buy yourself a core of smurfs because you're simply screwed and have no choice....

Whitesnake, when you compare the draft picks between the two teams you realize that Boston is not even in the same league as Timmins. So, the question is raised how come they won the cup. Here's your answer:

Bruins not drafted by the team:


That's 13 players. A team is allowed to dress only 22. That's more than half. Looking at those players one quickly realizes that Boston's drafting had little to do with their Cup win and it was the traded players that helped the drafted ones.

Boston management went out and filled in what the drafting didn't accomplish.

Here in Montreal our two clowns decided they were gonna reinvent the wheel and use only small and not-all-that-fast players and if that wasn't enough, they figured getting rid of "problem" players for nothing or next to nothing would improve the team.

So we come back to my post to you. The reason you think highly of Bruins drafting is because their management improved on the drafting. Here management's incompetence was masked by phenomenal drafting. If I had to trade all of Boston's pick's from 03 to 07 for Timmins I wouldn't do it. So your little exercise about picking this player or that player off the Bruins is meaningless. If Bergeon was on our drafted list he would not be the best of our drafted players. Neither would Lucic. Jeeze, I can remember awhile ago, me saying I would take Lucic over Lats any day of the week and many on this board didn't agree. they claimed Lats was the better player and Lats isn't even in the top 10 of Timmins picks. So how good can Lucic be?

Now, I've been including Gauthier with gainey. In all fairness I think Gauthier has been a victim of Gainey's colossal stupidity. Maybe he advised Gainey to go with smurfs, maybe he didn't but I've seen a change with him at the helm. He got Cole, he traded Cammy for Bourque, he went after Emelin. Just for those moves I would give Gauthier one more year. See what he does.

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