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01-31-2012, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
I noticed that too on NHL 36. Their Pre-game meals are 6-7 hrs. before. In college I was always taught 3-4 hrs. Interesting.

I think it's twofold:

1) They aren't using much energy the 6 hrs before a game so that stored glycogen remains stored. Common folk might be shoveling snow, fixing their car, moving furniture.

2) There is much to do before the game and they want them at the rink getting treatment, warming up, team meetings, taping sticks, etc. Eating at a separate venue 3-4 hrs. before cuts it too close.

I'm going to try pushing mine back to 6 hrs. You want that stomach empty.

I think this is very age specific. I'm 33 now, and when I'm going to be competing, like i said above, a 3pm match means my major meal is the night before, and a 7pm match I eat around 2pm (all baked on a raised rack, no spices at all, no cooked veggies). I want to be as empty as possible aside from whatever I'm going to use for fuel for the match, which like i said is a fruit shake, yogurt and whey. very small cup, and an hour before fight time.

However when I was a teen, or early 20's I could eat right up to fight time, and it didn't effect me at all. As a matter of fact, the younger guys I train with got me thinking it's probably best in general to eat constantly in small amounts all day than any real meals at all. Not so easy when you're digestive system and metabolism isn't at the same rate as a 22 year old, but they remain much fresher later in tournys, as they don't have the long time steady sugar level of a protein meal early in the day, and then the hard spike from pregame shakes, gatorade, etc.

if your system can handle it, small snacks with a mix of protein and carbs throughout the day. I'd save any fatty foods for off days.

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