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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
He's talking about a defender calling for a pass to "trick" him into a turnover. And yes, it's totally acceptable. If you can't take a look where you're passing, it's 100% on you. The "don't usually have enough time to look" argument just means you're not good enough. Sorry to be harsh, but there's nothing "bush" league about it... if you pass it to the other team, it's your own fault. Pick your head up. It might be rec league, but everyone still strives to be good. Learn to play with your head up and look where you're moving the puck.

Remember folks, I said this in my opening post....I know the player has to take SOME responsibility for passing it.
Often, even at high levels...people don't have time to look, so it's not a matter of "being good enough".
Doesn't happen as much at high levels, since players usually know each other better and a teammate will usually yell no, before, the opposing player gets the puck by doing that..
in addition to looking before the pass more often at a high level.

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