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01-31-2012, 01:45 PM
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IMO it's 100% fine, even at lower levels. If you have the puck it's your responsibility to know where your teammates are, and what they sound like, even if you're not looking at them. The only time where this is a bit of a no-go is if you're playing drop-in hockey, where nobody really knows most of their teammates (and where nobody is keeping score regardless), but even then you shouldn't be throwing no-look passes unless you really know exactly where your teammate is. Nevermind that it could be the other team calling for the puck, but hard passes have to be pretty pin-point PERIOD, and it's very tough to make any sort of tape to tape pass without looking where you're passing. When you make a blind pass you're putting your team at an extremely high risk of turning it over, even if nobody on the other team is tricking you. You wouldn't take a shot without looking at the net, why would you make a pass without looking at the guy you're passing to? Really the only exception is drop passes, and those are unique situations.

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